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21 April 2015

Tours & Activities

On the Orihuela Costa, time can be spent not only on the beach or by the pool. As the place is also lively outside the holiday season, it is especially then that we recommend taking advantage of the many attractive forms of spending time.

The list of places to visit and the variety of activities is practically endless. Mountain hikers, lovers of museums, medieval castles, 20th century fortifications, colourful street processions, canoeing, rafting or golf lovers will all find what they are looking for here (we write about golf courses in a separate article).

All these attractions are within the reach of every visitor to the Orihuela Costa. All it takes is a bit of willingness and typing a few queries into search engines. We are not able to present all the possibilities of active leisure, but we will present a few selected ones.

Castles of the Costa Blanca

After Italy, Spain is the second country in the world in terms of the number of monuments inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List. One of the regions abounding with a large number of them is the southern Costa Blanca along with the Orihuela Costa. Among other things, there are more than 100 medieval castles in this area. You will need a long holiday to visit them, but one active day is enough to explore several of them. It is then worth using one of the many car rental companies in the area.

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Fortifications of the 20th century

Spain’s history stretches back many hundreds of years but recent decades have also left the Iberian peninsula with many symbols of a bygone time. One of these is the remnants of the Spanish Civil War, which ravaged the country between 1936 and 1939. In the areas adjacent to the Orihuela Costa – both to the north and south – on the coastline, remnants of military fortifications from that era can be found. These are located in hard-to-reach places, usually on the rocky cliff coastline. During the Civil War, they fulfilled a very important defensive task. Some of these fortifications were still used by the Spanish military even in the 1990s. The fortifications are worth visiting for many reasons. First of all, the magnificent views compensate for the difficulty of reaching them. Besides, many of the structures were built in an unconventional style. Particularly impressive is the Batería del Castillitos, whose buildings resemble fairytale castles.

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Street fiestas and parades

In Spain, everything interesting and noteworthy takes place in the open air. Whatever the season, social and cultural life takes place in squares, streets, parks and beaches. The accumulation of these events takes place during various festivities held with unprecedented frequency in other countries. One of these is the particularly solemn Moros y Cristianos festival, which is accompanied by several hours of processions of beautifully costumed re-enactment groups. One of the most beautiful processions in Spain takes place at the end of July in the capital of the Orihuela Costa, the city of Orihuela.
Equally attractive fiestas, processions and processions can be found here around Easter, Carnival, Epiphany and at many other times of the year.